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4 secrets for seeking expert’s advice in property investments

When it comes to investing, property takes the Number One position. There are lots of courses offered on property investment and there are many experts who can offer suitable advices.

In spite of all these sources, many people invest without seeking any help and also, making use of the smattering knowledge they have acquired, in the real estate.

There are many reasons why seeking an expert advice would be a valuable option while investing and they are as follows:

1. Negotiation skills and Price:

The experts are great negotiators of price; they have an excellent understanding of the market and have a good knowledge about the location.

With the knowledge, the experts will be able to buy the property for you, for the correct price or below market value properties. Without a third person involved in the purchase process, you might be cutting back some money. However, there is a BIG chance of over paying for a particular deal.

For example, paying an expert might cost between £2000 and £5000, which would result in reduction of around £20,000 while buying the deal.

2. Problem Solving and Time:

Time is Money!

Seeking an expert’s advice would help you save time. This is due to the fact that expert’s are so good at choosing the property and they know the procedure very well. It will actually decrease the time for novice investors.

No panic and no fear of losing the deal, particularly if there are any challenges, as the expert would know what to do.

3. Choice of property:

The main challenge buyers would have is, choosing a property, which they want at a desirable location. From here on, the experts can help you by narrowing down the wide range of options and direct you to the right kind of houses, making the decision-making process easier.

4. Managing tenants in your property:

In buy-to-let properties, the main challenge the landlord would face is managing tenants. The experts would help you from the selection process of tenants, completing the agreement and handling any problems that might arise.

This will be a huge leverage for the landlords and above all, relieving them from lot of mental stress of handling the tenants. The experts are well trained to handle the tenants in any given situation.

“Always listen to experts. They’ll tell you what can’t be done, and why. Then do it.”

― Robert A. HeinleinTime Enough for Love

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Deva Jeganathan – Property Entrepreneur, International Public Speaker and Coach

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  1. Suzy Hourani on March 2, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    Hi Deva, it was very interesting to read this article and I can’t but agree with you that having an expert saves you a lot of money and headache. Looking forward for next article.

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