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Our Innovative Company was
Founded in 2008

The Property Direct was originally founded in 2008. Ever since then, TheProperty Direct, along with the amazing team, has become one of the fastest growing property finders, source investors, and partners in the UK. Founder & CEO Deva Jeganathan, was the winner of the PROPERTSOURCEOF THE YEAR 2015 Award, for the outstanding service offered to the customers and also, the support provided post-completion of the project. He was also the finalist for "BEST OF UK ACCREDITED LANDLORD OF THE YEAR 2016." Currently, one of our deals has been nominated as finalist under two categories "DEAL OF THE YEAR" and "SERVICE ACCOMODATION OF THE YEAR" presented by Property Investors Awards 2017.

We take great pride in introducing ourselves, as a cohesive team of extremely dedicated property finders, investors and partners, sourcing properties and partnerships from South East, UK - mainly London, Kent, and Reading, to local and overseas investors. We mainly deal with properties, which can be converted into HMOs, buy-to-lets, and multi-lets at Below Market Value in emerging markets.



Passionate About Property Investment

Unique features of our service include:

  1. We don't only source properties, we also educate and inspire.
  2. We provide extra more, by supporting following up on projects.
  3. Our well-planned project management team  makes sure there is less/no void times after your project is complete.
  4. Re-mortgaging properties is not a hassle anymore, as we take care of it.

Our customers have become our partners/friends in the future projects we do and have provided excellent testimonials. So far, we have sourced £12 million worth of properties and have done 28 joint ventures along with 13 HMO's and still GROWING…


Deva Jeganathan


Deva Jeganathan, is an award-winning property entrepreneur, international public speaker and coach. He is one of the UK’s trusted consultants for Investors. Being a Professional Property investor and landlord, he manages multi-businesses and provide Location consultancy service for investors in Medway towns, Kent, Reading and London. In 2015, he won the "PROPERTY DEAL SOURCER OF THE YEAR 2017" awarded by the Property Investors Awards and also, has won "212 AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE" from the JT Foxx Organisation at MegaSucess, 2017 held at Los Angeles. .

Before entering the property world he was a senior manager for a corporate company. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from India and came to UK in 2003 to pursue MBA in Marketing. During the study, he learned the simple principles for success and determined the common elements that contributed towards that success. With his childhood passion for property and his burning desire to succeed he bought his first property soon after, using credit cards to bridge finance the deposit of a mortgage. After quickly renting it at a profit, he bought a second. The rest is history.

More information about Deva Jeganathan can found at

Raju Lakshman

Raj is originally an IT contractor, although, he was doing well at his profession, Raj has a great passion for properties in his blood. His grandfather and father were big landlords, as a child, he has visited building sites and was fascinated to see huge buildings built by brick by brick.

He followed his passion and built his portfolio and replaced his IT consulting income within two years. Now, he helps others to achieve their freedom through his passion.

Raj is always looking for the next new strategy to leverage properties and applies his IT expertise to improve, innovate and systemise property investments.


Priya Putta

Priya is the Head of our Ashford and Maidstone wing and has gone a long way from being a homemaker with two children, to a very successful property investor, landlord, source and partner.

Priya is a very courteous and passionate person, whose main aim is to build wealth by helping others build their portfolio through her passion for finding and investing in properties.

Her family in India, are leading exporters of fabric, which contributes to her hard work, dedication, ability and business acumen.

She is such an asset to our team and takes a great initiative in the company’s growth, which is evident in project management, during refurbishments and renovations.

All our clients love her for her caring and upfront attitude.

Divya Nagarajan

Divya is the Head of our Marketing and Branding wing, who is basically an Engineer and Mathematician. She has great potential in branding and online marketing. She is very optimistic and always has a positive outlook towards life.

Her passion in systemizing and accounting provides great source of support towards the company’s growth. With the company expanding towards B&Bs, Divya plays a major role in improving it’s rating and adding more value to the customers. She sets high targets and focuses on achieving it through persistence.

Her warm and intelligent style of engagement with everyone ensures she is very popular with anyone who comes into contact with her.


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